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Leonardo diCaprio:
Water Planet

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English cartoon

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without text
black background

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19 sec film

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Smallest sized,
2 min version

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Summary in English in mp3 - (2.5 MB)

Water Facts - mp3 (2.7 MB)

Water Prospects - mp3 (4.5 MB)

How much water do we have? (mp3, 3.9 MB)

Minimum 40% Water leakage (and theft) - mp3 (1.9 MB)

World experiences - mp3 (2 MB)

Sommaire en Français - mp3 - (5 MB)

Zusammenfassung auf Deutsch - mp3 -(6 MB)

** How to play Micromedia Shockwave Flash animations:

After downlowding the selected file with the extention *.swf, double click its icon.

If it does not start to play automatically:

1. open the files with Internet Explorer, because I.Explorer has flashplayer in it.

2. right-click the file icon, then click on "Open with..."

3. choose the "e" (Internet Explorer) from the list.
If this does not work, it seems you do not have macromedia flashplayer 6 or higher version.

—Download it from the Internet, it is free.

You can also associate swf files in Windows Explorer. You can attribute Internet Explorer to all flash files (*.swf) and in that way, you do not have to choose each time with which program you wish to play a flash animation.

1. open Internet Explorer (press the Windows-key and the E-letter-key on your keyboard at the same time,

    (internet explorer opens)

2. choose a flash file with .swf extention then right-click on its icon,

3. a dialogue panel will open: where you can see:

    Type of file: Shockwave Flash Object

4. in the next line below you see: Opens with: Internet Explorer.

5. if it is not Internet Explorer, click on the Change button  on the right, 

    in the same line  then choose Internet Explorer,

    then click the Apply button in the right-hand-bottom coner,

    then click the OK button.



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